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What do we invest in?  Things that make an impact and excite us.  We have got other businesses in our incubation – we think these will open eyes and the minds of bankers, investment houses and brokers.


Anagenix Logo

A New Zealand company that specialises in transforming plant and  marine resources into highly valued nutraceuticals and food ingredients for international markets.  Anagenix has a suite of scientifically proven ingredients, and plans to introduce a number of new ingredients with pro and prebiotics.  Apura Green is a novel fat replacer.  Actazin ingredient is for regularity and assists with vitality.  Anagenix has a distribution agreement with a multi-national food ingredient company and this relationship has powered significant growth and innovation. 










Honeylab logo

directory HoneyLab where can i buy Depakote Making Natural Medicines – Mainstream. NZ pharmaceutical research company that specialises in formulations that are clinically tested to world pharmacy standards. Natural Proven Remedies and Medicines.  Products are derived from NZ native bush, bee and bee environments. HoneyLab products include Rubeeven; Kanu and Honevo.  HoneyLab is trialing a honey sweetener for diabetics,  a suite of nutritional formulations combining omega 3, kiwifruit, berries, dairy, honey and other natural produce from NZ. HoneyLab has 4 formulations in Phase 3 Clinical Trials (2014) and has a Research Partnership with the MAYO Clinic (USA).  Watch out for the natural formulations for Arthritis, Shingles, and Eczema. HoneyLab has a technology that extracts bee-venom without hurting bees and is solar powered.  Bee-venom is one ingredient used in the anti -aging, cosmetics, muscle and joint stiffness and other treatments such as Arthritis.


Kanu Anti-aging Cream Image

Kanu Anti-aging Serum Image Kanu Anti-aging Gel Image





Kanu Bee VenomKanu Bee Venom® is venom anti-ageing and cosmetic products. It is 100% natural and consists Vetox®, a unique high-strength formulation bee venom, kānuka honey, with Ecocert polymer. It is available as a serum, gel, lip plump, eye roller & toner, moisturizer and cleanser.



Rubeeven Muscle Joint Stiffness Cream Image

Rubeeven Joint Stiffness Gel ImageRubeeven™ provides rapid relief for joint stiffness and muscle discomfort, bee venom supports joint and muscle recovery, while capsaicin warms the treated area, encouraging blood flow and allowing the bee venom to penetrate the joints. A unique, dual-action natural cream, made with New Zealand bee venom and capsaicin (chilli extract).  Pure New Zealand and 100% natural. 


Honevo Acne Cream Image

Honevo Nappy Rash and Rosacea Image


Honevo Topical Remedies
Honevo Acne, Honevo Nappy Rash, Honveo Rosacea and Honevo Cold Sore.  Honevo™ is the pharmaceutical honey that provides skin condition sufferers with natural, clinically-proven topical treatments. Honevo’s unique formulation of kanuka honey combines powerful antibacterial activity with deep moisturising.